The Monte is the most iconic rally in the world. Winners such as Paddy Hopkirk became household names. When Paddy won the Monte in a Mini Cooper it became the in car, even the Beatles had to have one.

Déjà vu Monte Carlo will drive over famous special stages such as St. Bonnet le Froid, Le Burzet, Sisteron, and the most famous stage in the world, the Col de Turini.

It will be a leisurely run with no timing and no pressure. Navigation will be simple using a combination of SATNAV and tulip diagrams.

There will be plenty of time to take in the stupendous alpine views and gasp in awe at some of the horrendous drops that the drivers had to navigate on roads covered in ice and snow. You can start whatever time you wish in the morning, the only caveat being that you will have to be on time if you want to join the group for dinners and the lunch in Monaco.

Above all it will a time of great craic and camaraderie and all for a good cause, profits will go to Rally Marshals, without whom there would be no rallying.